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If you are interested in coming to IMEP as an international student, the Erasmus coordinator : erasmus@imep.be and send her the following documents:

  • short CV (in French or English)
  • Application form Application form
  • cover letter (in French or English)
  • one or more video links (+-20 minutes)

Deadlines for application

15th April for the 1st semester or entire year (of the next academic year), starting on the 14th September.

1st December for the 2nd semester (of the same academic year), starting on the 1st February.

Once you have been accepted, you can send us your learning agreement : LA IN 2018-2019

You can check the course catalogue by following the link below : IMEP Courses

Here are some general informations about life in Namur, but you can also download our Erasmus Practical Guide : Guide Erasmus 2017-2018

  • Cost of living :
    Accomodations: 250 € – 300 €
    Restaurant: from 10 €
    Bread: 2€
    Glass of beer: 2€
    Movie: 6€